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Friday, May 24, 2019

Pets and Time

Not so Torah today, I was thinking about cats.

I have one in my house again and I was thinking about how we measure time in a relative way. This is the second cat in my house. I didn't grow up with cats. My folks were dog people, and I was a keeper of birds and fish.

Then I was thinking about how we use a make up factor to age our pets relative to us. The idea of dog years, although I'd assume cat years are a thing too. One of my oldest friends is in fact a parrot.

It occurred to me that that it might be a illusion that we're are perpetrating on ourselves. This computed age, so to gain a relative grounding with another species.

Maybe our pet years are not to give us a bearing on their relatively shorter lives, but to cushion ourselves against the shortness of our own.

Let's say you only get to have one living cat at a time, how many cats will you tend to in your life. How many cat years do we have? Five, maybe six assuming average cat lifespans of fifteen years?

Perhaps this is why we rarely have one at a time, or fail in overlapping their lives in ours.

It could have been a look out the window, or perhaps it was the yowling little voice calling from downstairs as I got dressed this morning. I don't know why time was on my mind this morning. Perhaps it's the week ending and Shabbat thoughts coming. This weekend is our 17th anniversary, and I still have a hard time believing that is possible. 

The universe is large, and against all seeming odds here we are. It's from that place of smallness that many fall into despair, but the opposite is also an outcome and a joyousness at our opportunity to do everything is also present.

Be full of joy.

Shabbat Shalom

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