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Monday, January 14, 2019

What's in a Name?

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As I walked home tonight I was thinking about the moon and how lots of people were seeing it in common. We see sunlight collectively but seldom all look at the sun, but the moon we can really share. 

I wondered about my name and if all of us with that name in common have some connection. That someone with my name has been looking at the moon for some 2500 years. 

I was named for a prophet, and when my brother was born they called him for a son of Abraham and then changed it. "They'll both be rabbis," was the answer given. This is what I thought of as I walked home from Talmud study in the cold winter air. 

I'm called to it, I can't help it, like the sea and I wondered if we all were or are. How does God tell us apart? 

The moon grows big bellied this week, a week into a new month. There will be an eclipse on the heels of Shabbat. No bracha will be recited. It is supposed to be an ill omen for our people. 

I'll look if I'm able, I always look, I wonder if we all look. How does the Shekhina tell us apart? 

I'm not a rabbi, that never happened. My brother was given a new name. Are we a rabbi somewhere?  

It was cold, my arms and legs were chilled thru my clothes and my keffiyeh wet for my breath. 

Tomorrow brings the dawn and more words and the collective hurry through the light none of us can bear to look at but all revere. 


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