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Friday, January 18, 2019

Song of the sea

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I was pondering the parting of the sea as this weeks portion takes us through this episode of Torah. It seems like a strange and specific super natural thing, but somehow my mind made a leap from water to time. 

I was thinking of the miraculous in Torah and wondered how often it could be control of time. Stopping it, speeding it up, suspending it. If Lots wife became lost in time when she looked back. If she became frozen in our time and turned to a pillar of salt a timeless element. 

What is god's real superpower is time control and it just looks like other things to us because we are like fish on land, swimming in the stuff, and can breathe no other breath but time? 

Shabbat is nearing, especially in the northern hemisphere. Our weekly chance at a taste of life outside the timeline. 

Gud shabbos to you, and may we come out the other side again liberated and singing. 

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