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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Excerpt from Shema, Sidur Kol Ami

It came to pass and will come to pass, when we live by the word to love Adonai, the rains came in their season;  the earth offered her fruits;  cattle ate from the grassy fields;  we worked hard and tasted the fruits of our labor and we're satisfied.
But then there was a turning-away.
We came to revere many things without end.
Adonai's anger came like a harvest fire among us.
Harsh grew the wind.
We reaped fear and violence.
War estranged us from the land.
So we carried this memory in our hearts, we made signs upon our hands and between our eyes to remember.
We taught our children to speak loving Torah, to remember the way of Adonai, and what happened to our ancestors, to increase the days of our children upon the Earth.

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