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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Voyager 2

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Voyager 2 
 ...I developed a routine of meditative morning prayer, like so many before me, like my mother who rose early for work as well...
....Dawn is more than end of a night or the start point of a day. Dawn has its own ecology and rhythm and can not be rushed and this I would encourage anyone to try and find yourself a part of...
... daven out loud, just to yourself and just be there in the space between the spaces we labeled as the one and zero of everyday life.
This is an excerpt from something I wrote this back when it was still warm in the northern hemisphere. I thought to review it this morning and I think its still true. I very much miss the sounds of the birds and the wind and the rain on the roof. The sound of our neighbors infant daughter crying or our other neighbors adolescent son flushing the toilet. An odd sigh, or a morning greeting to the family dogs drift in and out again as the world starts its morning routines.
We wake up with our senses turned up, way up and that makes the experience that much more vivid.

Now I'm confined by the cold to my office. The sounds are the background of my home. My wife working out, the furnace and registers, the shower, muffled automobile sounds.

Of course, the sun has become something of myth as well. The day lightens but we don't always get to see it.

Winter is like a voyage.

 I read some Hassid this morning speaking of the ideas of circles and straight lines. That the planets, the seasons, nature runs in circles, and mankind would too if it were not for the divine gift presented to us and made real through prayer. That seemed like two dimensional thinking to me.

 I also read that the Voyager 2 space probe has left the system. Launched in the summer of 1977, as was I, we have traversed all this time together. I check in on it and it's sibling Voyager 1 now and again. Voyager 2 still has some working instruments and it was noted that the particulate detector that can sense the charged energy from our sun has shown a definite transition to a new region of space. In technical terms it crossed the heliosphere. Quietly mumbling a stream of machine language into the wilderness of space, turned towards Jerusalem as it travels onward along it's arched trajectory away from home. 

 I would argue that the circle and the line are not separate. It's all in how you perceive them. To daven is to free your mind and shift your view of the universe. To align your antenna to better hear the totality of creation while still obeying the laws of Kepler's orbits. Leaving the circle I'm not sure works for me.

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A spring in profile is a coiled line, a spring on end is a circle. 

So I will keep rising early, waiting for the suns warmth to return and the line to repeat the pattern in a new place. 

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