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Friday, December 28, 2018


I was sound asleep, in bed, when the cell phone rang. 

It's set to only ring thru a few people after 21:00 so I answered. 

 The smiling face of my friend was live on my screen. It was a video call from Israel, from Masada, and it was morning there and he had just finished davening and putting away his tefillin.

I kvetch, I do and I pour that into this blog. But it's near one in the morning now and I'm still so wound up I can't lay back down. A call from Masada, a gift from my friend to share his morning from the ancient hilltop fortress with me. 

Tomorrow evening, later today now, I'll be at shul for KabShab. I'll see old friends and old-friends, but it feels like it's started early today. And the world is a mess, and there are ample reasonable reasons for kvetching but my shabbat has started early with a call from a friend. 

 My wish for you this shabbat is to take some time and call or email or text some folks who are dear to you. If you're shomer I think we still have till four something on the east coast, but send a little kindness, put some chessed into the world as this week ends! 

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