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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Chanukah 5777 Last Year's Thoughts

 Now is the winter of our discontent. 

Now we are become Maccabees. 
Now we look back on ancient stories and traditions and we find the strength to resist tyranny again. 
We trust the oil will last, we know the Donald will not. 
Play dreidle, take an extra latke, plot. 
Make a study group, make a movie group, make a we refuse to do this alone group. Make a social action group, make a volunteer group, a get together and play music group, listen to music group, make a plan to be with people and do good group. Even when you don’t feel it, even when people make you crazy, even when you’re kind of an introvert. Show up at things. Go to synagogue, go to protests, go to the library, go to village, town, city, board meetings. Go to gallery openings even when they are your pals and you’ll see them anyway and it’s just up at the community college anyway so what’s the big deal anyway. Talk to people. Say hi across the gas pump, say hello in the grocery store, nod on the sidewalk and slow down to open doors.
Kindness will be our swords and we will be kind with the heart of Judah. 
The oil will last. 

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